2007-10-29 Joshua Ferrarofixing itemtype image, sample data, improving
2007-10-29 Joshua Ferraroimprovements to links in tools
2007-10-29 Joshua Ferraroadding sample data and improving nomenclature
2007-10-29 Joshua Ferraronomenclature changes
2007-10-29 Joshua Ferrarofixing breadcrumbs in the tools module
2007-10-29 Joshua Ferrarochanging the filter on import borrowers to patron search
2007-10-29 Joshua Ferraroremoving nonsensical op=opac-search from hidden inputs
2007-10-29 Joshua Ferraroadding itemtype images to sample data
2007-10-29 Joshua Ferrarobringing back facets to the staff client search
2007-10-29 Joshua Ferraroimprove notes for borrower import
2007-10-29 Joshua Ferraroadding new Query system preferences
2007-10-29 Owen LeonardRe-working virtual shelves interface to try to make...
2007-10-29 Chris CormackFix for bug 1518
2007-10-29 Owen LeonardFinishing circ page layout changes. Still need to iron...
2007-10-29 Owen LeonardWorking on new layout, with messages in right column
2007-10-29 Owen LeonardImproving the formatting of the "add to shelf" pop...
2007-10-29 Chris CormackUpdating kohastructure.sql with tables needed for repor...
2007-10-29 Chris CormackCatching up changes in reports
2007-10-29 Chris CormackUpdating guided_reports.pl
2007-10-29 Russel GarlickTidying up save report confirmation page
2007-10-29 Russel GarlickRemoving download report for saved reports and fixing...
2007-10-29 Russel GarlickAttempting to add Notes field to Create from SQL for...
2007-10-29 Russel GarlickAdding formatting to Saved Results for Reports
2007-10-29 Russel GarlickFixing breadcrumb links on Scheduler page
2007-10-29 Russel GarlickAdding save successful page for guided reports
2007-10-29 Chris CormackCan now view sql, and reports run page shows name
2007-10-29 Chris Cormackcatching changes
2007-10-29 Chris CormackFix for setting datetime columns to date
2007-10-29 Chris CormackGetting stored results working
2007-10-29 Chris CormackStoring xml now
2007-10-29 Chris CormackCan now delete reports
2007-10-29 Chris CormackTweaks to the scheduler
2007-10-29 Chris CormackFix to match the changed templates
2007-10-29 Russel GarlickFixing links in breadcrumb
2007-10-29 Russel GarlickAdding heading to create report from SQL page in Guided...
2007-10-29 Chris CormackTidying up TransformMarctoKoha
2007-10-29 Russel GarlickNew online help for Guided Reports Dictionary
2007-10-29 Chris CormackSplitting reports dictionary out into its own script.
2007-10-29 Chris CormackFixing mess in Auth.pm
2007-10-29 Russel GarlickNew online help text for Guided Reports feature
2007-10-29 Russel GarlickWriting help text and updating reports layout
2007-10-29 Chris CormackRevert "Commenting out some noisy warns"
2007-10-29 Chris CormackFixing merge error
2007-10-29 Chris CormackMore work on the scheduler
2007-10-29 Russel GarlickAdding back button to all steps in build report
2007-10-29 Russel GarlickAdding a back button
2007-10-29 Chris CormackAdd a referer variable so we can have a back button
2007-10-29 Russel GarlickTable fix to step 6
2007-10-29 Russel GarlickRemoving debug text and tidying up layout of 6 of 6
2007-10-29 Russel GarlickFixing calendar image path
2007-10-29 Russel GarlickAdded text to calendar link to help debug missing image...
2007-10-29 Russel GarlickFixing the date entry that I broke when adding the...
2007-10-29 Russel GarlickFixing layout step 5 of 6
2007-10-29 Russel GarlickAnother fix to tables for 4 of 6
2007-10-29 Russel GarlickChanges to tables steps 4, 5 and 6
2007-10-29 Russel GarlickFixing table layout on step 4 of 6
2007-10-29 Russel GarlickFixing breadcrumb navigation and layout
2007-10-29 Russel GarlickFixing table bug
2007-10-29 Russel GarlickEditing layout and adding page headings
2007-10-29 Russel GarlickAdding page heading
2007-10-29 Chris CormackFix for a bug in reserves, if a charge was incurred...
2007-10-29 Chris CormackAdding link to reviews
2007-10-29 Chris CormackBugfixing the template, and removing link to compound...
2007-10-29 Chris CormackFiles needed by the scheduler
2007-10-29 Chris CormackAdding scheduler
2007-10-29 Chris CormackDictionary template
2007-10-29 Chris CormackPretty close to finished the dictionary now
2007-10-29 Chris CormackCan now add definitions to reports
2007-10-29 Chris CormackDictionary now working
2007-10-29 Chris CormackMore work on the dictionary, nearly have all the interf...
2007-10-29 Chris CormackAdding reports code
2007-10-29 Mason Jamesadding missing 'routingnotes' cols to sql
2007-10-29 Mason Jamesif() incorrectly eval-ing syspref value 'FALSE' as...
2007-10-29 Mason James'save subscription' only shows during editing existing,
2007-10-29 Chris CormackUpdating to .0014 Mason had updated to .0013 but an...
2007-10-29 Mason Jamesupdate for missing subscriptions.lastbranch col in...
2007-10-29 Galen Charltoncompleted removal of breeding.pl; fixed location of...
2007-10-29 Galen Charltonimproved import batches part 2 -- replace use of marc_b...
2007-10-29 Galen Charltonadded column to import_records
2007-10-29 Galen CharltonDB schema changes for enhancements to reservoir and...
2007-10-29 Owen LeonardFixing delete shelf button javascript problem. Now...
2007-10-29 Henri-Damien... Bug Fix : Sorting by publication date
2007-10-29 Henri-Damien... Using pb,wrdl search reather than pb search
2007-10-29 Owen LeonardRe-working virtual shelves interface to try to make...
2007-10-29 Galen Charltonlocate intranetcolorstylesheet in correct directory
2007-10-29 Joshua Ferraroadding some notes to borrower import
2007-10-29 Chris CormackUploading borrowers works now
2007-10-29 Chris CormackNew tool to import borrowers
2007-10-25 Joshua FerraroRevert "reverting defaut-search-on-kw-wrdl and doing...
2007-10-24 Chris CormackEvent is no longer used
2007-10-24 Paul POULAINrebuild_unimarc_100 : better handling of unusual cases
2007-10-24 Paul POULAINtemp
2007-10-24 Paul POULAINimportant fixes in ccl.properties
2007-10-24 Paul POULAINfrench translation files (.po) again...
2007-10-24 Paul POULAINfrench translation updated (again...)
2007-10-24 Paul POULAINreverting defaut-search-on-kw-wrdl and doing it elsewhere
2007-10-24 Paul POULAINblue.css : adding some styles
2007-10-24 Paul POULAINless verbose
2007-10-24 Paul POULAINnew tables created with innoDB & utf8 automatically
2007-10-24 Paul POULAINfrench translation po files (updated)