Koha Documentation repository
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Koha Documentation

This is the main repository for the Koha manual.
It is mirrored at git.koha-community.org.

The manual is generated with Sphinx.


sudo apt-get install make python3-sphinx python3-sphinxcontrib.spelling python3-pip

sudo pip3 install sphinx_rtd_theme

Outputing Docs


make html

For HTML in a single page

make singlehtml

For an epub

make epub

For a pdf (Work in progress)

Install latexmk, the latexpdf builder needs it

apt install latexmk

Install texlive-full. Attention: this is very huge

apt install texlive-full

Generate the latex files

make latex

Generate the PDF file

make latexpdf

Other useful commands

To find everything that you can do, you can just do


And it will list all the available options. Some useful ones are

Check spelling

make spelling

make linkcheck

Generate .po files for translation

make gettext