General Koha contribs; anybody with an SSH key registered can push here
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Aleisha Amohia 3da21ca8ea Fix how instancename is set when restarting zebra 4 months ago
cache-management script to delete all cached Koha MARC frameworks from memcached 10 years ago
embedded-signoffs Fix the error handling on the AJAX signoff tool 10 years ago
history script to convert Koha's history.txt to HTML table suitable for Koha's website 10 years ago
index-release-notes extract_bugs_from_koha_release_notes: grab bug numbers from Koha release notes 8 years ago
koha-coce WR324938: Changed to check if passenger is running 4 years ago
koha-plack Changed filepaths in the monit .conf files to /usr/sbin/ directory 6 years ago
koha-zebra Fix how instancename is set when restarting zebra 4 months ago
sandbox UNIMARC DB : Update to 19.11.00 4 years ago
README Initial commit for plugin firefox koct offline circulation for Koha 12 years ago Monitor Phusion Passenger and if it is not running restart it and send a 4 years ago


This repository is for general contributions to Koha.

- sandbox:
The sandbox system has been developed with the goal to lower the barrier for librarian to test patches and improvements of Koha.

- koct:
Koha Offline Circulation Firefox addon