POD Cleanups
[koha.git] / C4 / Charset.pm
2010-06-09 Andrew ElwellPOD Cleanups
2010-03-17 Nahuel ANGELINETTI(MT #2962) add converted chars from ISO5426
2010-03-17 Nahuel ANGELINETTI(MT #3075) fix oe char from iso5426
2010-03-17 Lars WirzeniusFix FSF address in directory C4/
2010-02-03 Galen Charltonfix POD errors reported by xt/author/podcorrectness.t
2010-02-03 Galen CharltonMerge commit 'workbuffer.org-koha/translation' into...
2010-01-28 Galen CharltonMerge commit 'biblibre/3.2_biblibre' into to-push
2010-01-28 Paul Poulain(bug #4020) XSLT unimarc display
2010-01-27 Galen CharltonMerge commit 'pianohacker-koha/prefs-submit' into master
2009-12-02 Galen CharltonMerge commit 'koha-biblibre/master' into bl-acq
2009-11-17 Henri-Damien LAURENTAdding a test in C4::Charset in UNIMARC_Encoding
2009-11-17 Henri-Damien LAURENTBetter conformance for UNIMARC Authorities Encoding
2009-10-14 Henri-Damien LAURENTBug Fixing : C4::Charset source_encoding always set...
2009-09-30 Henri-Damien LAURENTAuthorities bulkmarcimport
2009-09-30 Galen CharltonMerge commit 'origin/master' into bl-sopac
2009-09-12 J. David BavousettHandle null-or-empty to Charset::StripNonXmlChars
2009-06-08 Galen Charltonbug 2505: turn on warnings in seven modules
2009-06-07 Galen Charltonbug 2926: fix staging import hang
2009-05-08 Nahuel ANGELINETTI(bug #3183) fix the SetMarcUnicodeFlag function
2009-04-18 Joe AtzbergerMulti-bug fix - SetMarcUnicodeFlag for records coming...
2008-11-06 Frederic DemiansImprove C4::Charset::MarcToUTF8Record performance
2008-04-01 Galen Charltonwork around issue in MARC::Charset
2008-02-09 Galen Charltonadded StripNonXmlChars to C4::Charset
2008-02-03 Galen Charltoncharset: fixed bug that prevented ISO-5426 conversion
2008-02-03 Galen CharltonIMPORTANT - refactor MARC character set handling
2003-02-02 acliMoved C4/Charset.pm to C4/Interface/CGI/Output.pm
2003-01-19 acliPreliminary fix of the CGI.pm problem of always assumin...