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Mark Tompsett c63770d815 Bug 7764: rework the INSTALL.ubuntu instructions 10 years ago
C4 Bug 5544: (follow-up) avoid warning if notice is not directed at a patron 9 years ago
Koha Bug 9755: (follow-up) tweak test for tag visibility in merge hash 10 years ago
OpenILS Bug 9239 QA follow-up: remove stray debug code 10 years ago
acqui Bug 10096 - Add a Z39.50 interface for authority searching 9 years ago
admin Bug 10096 - Add a Z39.50 interface for authority searching 9 years ago
authorities Bug 10096 - Add a Z39.50 interface for authority searching 9 years ago
basket Bug 9073 - Download option from the cart should match the menu button in lists 10 years ago
catalogue Bug 5645: improve converting simple search to Z39.50 search 9 years ago
cataloguing Bug 10096 - (follow-up) various QA improvements 9 years ago
circ Bug 9761: Make it possible to confirm future hold requests at checkin time 9 years ago
course_reserves bug 8215: (followup) avoid spurious warning in Apache log 10 years ago
debian Bug 9611: (follow-up) add libcrypt-eksblowfish-perl to debian/control 9 years ago
docs Bug 10550: Fix database typo wthdrawn 10 years ago
errors Housekeeping in errors scripts 13 years ago
etc Bug 9252 - Add option to send patron's home branch in AF field 10 years ago
install_misc Bug 8840 - [SIGNED-OFF] Patch to solve false "All dependencies installed!" 10 years ago
installer Bug 10096: (follow-up) add LC authority Z39.50 targets to 'en' sample data 9 years ago
koha-tmpl Bug 10856: Fix cover display in shelf browser 9 years ago
labels Bug 10527: remove disused routine C4::Branch::get_branch_code_from_name 10 years ago
members Bug 9611: Change the password hashing algorithm from MD5 to Bcrypt 9 years ago
misc bug 10419: (follow-up) improvements to the usage text 9 years ago
offline_circ Bug 8220 - Allow koc uploads to go to process queue instead of being applied directly. 10 years ago
opac Bug 10856: (Follow-up) improve behavior of the "close shelf browser" link 9 years ago
patroncards Bug 9924: (follow-up) ensure that correct error message is displayed 10 years ago
plugins Bug 7804 - Add Koha Plugin System - QA Followup 2 10 years ago
reports Bug 10718: fix items with no checkouts report 10 years ago
reserve Bug 10663: QA Followup: Typo in comment in renewscript 10 years ago
reviews Bug 1623 - Provide view of approved comments 11 years ago
rotating_collections Bug 9605: rotating collections permissions are wrong 10 years ago
selenium Adding selenium tests for filterMembers 14 years ago
serials bug 10728: fix additional log noise generated by 10 years ago
services Bug 7178: Acquisition item creation improvement 11 years ago
skel Bug 7804 - Add Koha Plugin System 10 years ago
sms Bug 2505 - Add commented use warnings where missing in the sms/ directory 13 years ago
suggestion Bug 9307: QA Followup 10 years ago
svc Bug 7813: (follow-up) improvements for deleting local cover images 9 years ago
t Bug 10856: Improve the previous and next items on the shelf browser 9 years ago
tags Bug 10730: Use DataTables on the tag review page 9 years ago
test Bug 5449: JSON malformed in Koha - Blocker with jQuery 1.4.x 12 years ago
tmp/modified_authorities changing DO_NOT_REMOVE to README.txt 15 years ago
tools Bug 10601: Add a counter on batch items modifications 9 years ago
virtualshelves Bug 7788: [SIGNED-OFF] Followup: GetShelf call in addbybiblio script corrected 11 years ago
xt Bug 9802 - add test case to ensure man pages have correct XML 10 years ago
.htaccess Fix file permissions: if it is not a script, it should not be executable. 13 years ago
.mailmap 7439 Mailmap for master 11 years ago
INSTALL Bug 7759, update of install files to use background indexing (and some whitespace tidy) 11 years ago
INSTALL.debian Bug 8092 follow-up: Add optional dependency on CHI 11 years ago
INSTALL.fedora7 Bug 7440 - Remove NoZebra vestiges 10 years ago
INSTALL.opensuse Bug 7759, update of install files to use background indexing (and some whitespace tidy) 11 years ago
INSTALL.ubuntu Bug 7764: rework the INSTALL.ubuntu instructions 9 years ago
LICENSE Bug 9440 - update Koha's LICENSE file from GPL2 to GPL3 10 years ago
MANIFEST.SKIP Bug 9546 : Updating make manifest tardist 10 years ago
Makefile.PL Bug 10539: Followup for removing KohaTest unit tests 10 years ago
README Bug 9440 - update Koha's LICENSE file from GPL2 to GPL3 10 years ago
README.robots Bug 6411 add another example to README.robots 12 years ago Bug 10915: (QA followup) warn if cannot read history.txt 9 years ago Bug 6755 Problems with switching languages 12 years ago 7368 Typo in warning 10 years ago
fix-perl-path.PL installer: improvements to fix-path-perl.PL on Win32 15 years ago Bug 10052: QA Followup 10 years ago Bug 5370: Fix all the references to 12 years ago bug 10548: fix count of missing required dependencies by 10 years ago Bug 10096: DBRev 9 years ago Bug 10080 - Change system pref IndependantBranches to IndependentBranches 10 years ago
rewrite-config.PL Bug 10712: Save missing config variables to install log 10 years ago


Koha is a free software integrated library system.

Koha is distributed under the GNU GPL version 3 or later.
Please read the file LICENSE for more details.

To install or upgrade Koha, please see the INSTALL file appropriate
to your platform.

Report bugs at

Visit the Koha Project website at